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Scientific Evidence

EMR Aware Database - 2,300 Accredited Scientific Studies

The main purpose of this page is to direct the interested reader to our online database of scientific studies at Box.com cloud storage. There you can view or download, in PDF format, any of over 2,300 examples of peer-reviewed research. Each associates one or more biological or psychological abnormalities with the types of EMR increasingly prevalent in our daily environment.

To proceed, please request the share link via our email contact address. Once there will be found the following sub-folders:

Under each of these headings, can be found numerous related documents. Their file names as saved are often obscure, so it is recommended to spend time exploring. Note that most full papers include in their closing pages a bibliography of prior or supportive research. The titles of these can be copied and pasted into your browser search bar to obtain additional information on your topic of interest.

The above compilation is indicative of a far larger body of similar evidence now in print. The latter is being added to on a daily basis by leading researchers worldwide. As a result, industry and their Governmental regulators can no longer credibly dismiss as unfounded the concerns of informed citizens regarding the potentially adverse bioeffects of existing electrotechnology as well as the possible inadequacy of current public and occupational EMR safety standards.

Additional Online Databases


The Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association maintains a large database of published science on EMR. Numerous search features are available. To get started, click on the magnifying glass and select "Enter Find Mode". Then click the "Study" and/or "Effects" tabs, under which can be selected single or multiple search criteria by choosing "Y" (yes). Finally, click the "Article" tab and cycle through the search results using the < and > controls in the top menu. You can also download a CSV file of search results to collate data off-line. For more advanced functions, consult the instructions page.

Using this resource, it is possible to uncover all kinds of revealing information. For example, the charts above were produced by ORSAA from search results to illustrate the difference in findings between studies funded by industry and non-industry organisations. The green segment indicates "no effect" found.

EMF Portal

An extensive EMR science database operated by RWTH Aachen University. EMF Portal. https://www.emf-portal.org/en/

Further Resources

The Bio-Initiative Report was published by a group of eminent scientists as a fully referenced 200 page summary of existing literature in support of their demand for more stringent EMR safety standards. It contains invaluable information for persons seeking an understanding of the wide-ranging health impacts of modern electrotechnologies. http://www.bioinitiative.org/

There are also a number of websites that consistently offer up-to-date science-based content on issues surrounding EMR. Several are listed below.

Further links to accredited research, as well as related media articles, may be found throughout Our Newsletters and at the websites of the many EMR-related organisations linked to on the Networking and Support page.

Reported Adverse Effects

It is estimated there are now over 20,000 studies published in mainstream scientific journals that attribute adverse biological and psychological effects to EMR in its various technology-related forms .The table below provides an indication of the current extent of this rapidly advancing knowledge base.

Unfortunately, relevant Government agencies have not lowered regulated EMR exposure limits in response to the latest findings, or else when confronted with verifiable evidence of harm simply choose to languish in willful ignorance. Accordingly, a growing legion of vocal health experts is now warning of a global epidemic of EMR-caused illnesses that may affect the wellbeing of generations to come. Who but the whole of society will shoulder the resulting burden of extra health care and loss of human potential?

What Is EMR?

When an electrical charge is applied to an antenna, this energy is absorbed by electrons within the atoms of its constituent metal, causing them to expand in orbit away from the nucleus. When the charge returns to zero, as occurs at an interval determined by the frequency of the applied signal, the electrons return to their rest state. In doing so, they release a burst of radiant energy. We term this "electro-rmagnetic" because it propagates orthagonally upon two planes at once.

One is in line with the axis of the antenna through which the electrical charge is rising and falling in intensity. The second is the accompanying magnetic component that propagates at a right angle to this. Note that this is not the same energy moving upon two vectors, but rather two distinct types determined by their respective modes of generation. Although most often experienced in their combined form as technological electromagnetism, in isolation each posseses its own dynamical properties and mode of inducing bio-effects.

To get the full picture, you need to wrap the vector diagram above 360 degrees around the entire antenna, expanded to its full length. One way to visualise this dual motion is as a vertical stick connected to the centre of a horizontal disk held upon the surface of water. As the stick is moved up and down, waves proceed outwardly in ever-widening circles. Now imagine that this is occuring along the full length of the stick. This is the magnetic vector. For its electrical counterpart, imagine that the stick releases along its full length a radial bust of energy everytime you push it down. Note that the foregoing example applies to monopole antennae which is the simplest geometry.

An artist's impression of overlapping RF signals within a city environment.

Multiply this by the number of EMR sources in your environment, all intersecting at different angles, frequencies and intensities, and the complexity of potential bioeffects becomes clear. The ability of science to rationalise such dynamcs lags well behind its ability to deploy them. No one knows with certainty the outcome for humanity of unchecked electropollution.

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