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Newsletter July 2014

Welcome to the July 2014 edition of our online Newsletter. Please send a link to this page to as many interested persons as you wish. If any of the external webpages linked herein have been taken down, try to find another source by cutting and pasting the actual title of the article into your search bar. To assist with a fair and balanced discussion, our primary focus is upon the side of the story you may not hear from industry and their obliging government regulators. Be sure to check out all our newsletters. Taken as a whole, they form a comprehensive overview of emerging technologies, scientific findings, safety reform, and the worldwide EMR debate.

EMR Aware is a not-for-profit association based in Byron Shire on the Northcoast of NSW Australia. In addition to relaying the latest news from contacts worldwide, our group provides commentary on local issues, as well as a range of free community-oriented services. The latter include educational literature, audiovisual presentations, and a DVD containing thousands of research studies on the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Smart Meters on TV

The TV show "Sunrise" on channel 7 recently broadcast an interview with Sophia Telemzouguer. She is a former IT specialist living in Melbourne who had her electrical power foreceably switched off for objecting, on health grounds, to installation of a smart meter on her home. She is presently mounting a sel-funded legal challenge to this seemingly harsh response on the part of the utility, United Energy. It is reported that nearly 100,000 persons in Victoria have refused the meters, or otehrwise frustrating theor installation. However, it appears Sophia was singled out for her direct action. What the industry is getting in return for this episode is closer public scrutiny of their questionable policies.


Could this happen to you, or a member of your family?

After a flood of protest about perceived bias and misinformation in the above presentation, Sunrise apparently apologised to Sophia. She has rejected this and is asking for a new interview. Perhaps also in response to this criticism, Channel 7 ran this somewhat more balanced story a few days later: https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/24259295/wi-fi-dangers/

Read about Sophia's situation here. http://stopsmartmeters.com.au/2014/03/26/sofias-story-punitive-power-and-the-smart-meter-tyranny/

Rolled by the Roll-out

The anticipated cost of the smart meter program in Victoria is said to have nearly tripled from the $800 million originally budgeted. It looks like another consumer-funded gift to industry, who stand to profit due to the ensuing operational cost-reduction and more stringent time-of-use tariffs. Simultaneously, we are being forced to pay for our own American-style, "big brother" surveillance state. The meters detect daily personal activity within the home through monitored appliance usage. This information can be sold by the utility for marketing purposes. Occupants who do not fit the behavioural profile of a "normal law-abiding" citizen could be reported to the authorities, door-knocked, or placed on a watch list. The human rights implications are huge, yet have gone relatively unchallenged by civil rights groups. Evidence obtained from smart meters has already been used in court cases, and there will be more bad news come.


Two prominent models of smart meters in Australia, iCredit 500B and Landis & Gyr E1000.

Our contacts advise smart meters, under the moniker of "advance meters" are now being deployed in Southeast QLD, the network to be fully operational by about this time next year. We understand they are presently available in our area by customer request. This is strange since in a recent letter the supplier, Essential Energy, stated they have "no plans to install" them. Occupants who are concerned about being forced to have a microwave transmitter fitted to the side of their home might consider 1) writing to their electricity provider to withdraw their implied consent, 2) posting a "no smart meter" sign at the meter box, and 3) securing the box against tampering, while still providing legal access for reading and maintenance. The following links provide further information.


If you need to know more about smart meters in general, here are two popular YouTube videos.


Be aware that not every digital meter is a "smart meter". Some people are confusing them with other types of boxy meters that do not emit radiofrequency. These include "bidirectional" meters that are installed with grid connected solar, or time-of-use (TOU) meters intended to apply more precise peak rate billing. For further clarification, ask your installer or pull up an image on the web and compare.

What Is a "Mandate"?

The commercial distributors pushing smart meters frequently claim they have a government "mandate" to "use their best efforts". But what is the correct definition of this term? From Black's Legal Dictionary:

mandate, n. (16c) 1. An order from an appellate court
directing a lower court to take a specified action. Also
termed (in BrE) order. See MANDAMUS. [Cases:
Appeal and Error (;:::::> 1186.1; Federal Courts
949.1.] 2. A judicial command directed to an officer
of the court to enforce a court order. 3. In politics, the
electorate's overwhelming show of approval for a given
political candidate or platform. 4. Roman & civil law.
A written command given by a principal to an agent;
specif., a commission or contract by which one person
(the mandator) requests someone (the mandatary) to
perform some service gratuitously, the commission
becoming effective when the mandatary agrees. La.
Civ. Code art. 2989 .• In this type of contract, no lia~
bility is created until the service requested has begun.
The mandatary is bound to use reasonable care in performance,
while the mandator is bound to indemnify
against loss incurred in performing the service. Also
termed mandatum. 5. Louisiana law. A contract
by which one person, the principal, confers authority
on another person, the mandatary, to transact one or
more affairs for the principal. La. Civ. Code arts. 2989
et seq .• The contract of mandate may be either onerous
or gratuitous. It is gratuitous ifthe parties do not state
otherwise. 6. Hist. Int'llaw. An authority given by the
League ofNations to certain governments to take over
the administration and development of deSignated ter~
ritories. Cf. TRUSTEESHIP (2). mandate, vb.

So, where is the part of this definition that compels the consumer, as a non-consenting third party, to accept? Maybe this quote about smart meters, attributed to Victoria State Energy Minister, Michael O'Brien, has something to do with it: "There are actually more detriments to consumers, or costs to consumers as the result of the project as a whole, compared to the benefits. But we're not starting with a blank sheet of paper. We're starting with the mess we've inherited from the Labor government." It seems the new Liberal Government is quietly less than enthusiastic, and simply bowing to industry pressure and bureaucratic momentum.

Relevant to this, here is a Barrister's legal opinion on a customer's obligation with regard to metering equipment. While I am unable of offer any commentary, it does make for VERY interesting reading. A search for the term "implied consent" might also be pertinent in light of one's existing contractural agreements with a service provider. http://www.emraware.com/documents/legal-advice-oct-2012.pdf

Where does the Greens Party stand on public microwave exposure? Was their support of smart meters as "energy saving" an embarrassing mistake from a health perspective? We have written to several of their officials and received no reply on their official policy, if there even is one. For those who may feel let down by this situation, a new contender, People Power Victoria, has emerged out of the widespread Smart Meter opposition. They are planning to go nationwide. Here is their website. http://www.peoplepowervictoria.org.au/

Wireless and Health

Possibly as a result of petitioning by members of the public, the TV program "4 Corners" is currently investigating the health effects of wireless technologies in preparation for a possible show devoted to the subject. Copies of our DVD containing thousands of scientific papers and commentaries have been posted to both the executive producer and presenter Kerry O'Brien. These are also available to anyone, free of charge, by email request.

Our local EMR group has been advised that Byron Shire Council may now consider relevant health research as part of their current study into town-wide Wi-Fi. Informed residents look forward to participating to help apply the "precautionary principle" for the benefit and reputation of our community. There are also faster and potentially safer technologies, such as Li-Fi which relies on wireless optical data transmission, coming on-stream within the next few years. However, now that the major telcos are busy deploying their own overarching networks (see below), as was always inevitable, maybe residents just don't need or want another one.

Millions of Hotspots

Telstra recently announced it is seeking to blanket most of Australia with an array hotspots that will allow its customers to log on, via their internet/phone account, just about anywhere. Also offered, for certain concessions, is the opportunity to turn your personal modem into a hot spot for anyone wandering nearby. This could mean more EMR for themselves and their neighbourhood, as well as less security against potential hackers.


The move is part of the trend of decentralisation. It will eventually see every wireless device and mobile phone turned into part of a unified mesh network that reduces the need for stand-alone transmitting towers. In other words, the end user's themselves may be exploited to shoulder the blame and legal liability for any resulting adverse effects.

As a byproduct of this relentless expansion, anyone's online activity can now be spied upon by a covert operations van parked across the street. It simply intercepts and decodes the signal emitted by your Wi-Fi modem. It is even possible to a modem's 2.4GHz carrier wave as a radar-like illuminator to see, through walls, what the occupants are doing in the "privacy" of their own home. At 8am, Mr. Jones came out of the shower and opened his beer fridge. His bio-markers indicate he is depressed about going to work. He is sub-vocalising swear words. Could indicate criminal intent.

Did we ever foresee all this intrigue just for the "convenience" of an unwired internet connection? Someone obviously did, and that is partly why the wireless agenda is being so enthusiastically promoted by major world governments, and companies that manufacture surveillable equipment.


Trains, Planes and Buses

It will be even harder to exercise your choice about not being exposed to ambient microwaves when they invade the transport system. Due to supposed "popular demand", free Wi-Fi is being installed in aeroplanes, trains, buses, and other vehicles. One obvious concern with this is that the metal body of the conveyance serves to concentrate the radiation like a lens, particularly on those seated in the centre section.


The Mayor of Geelong was quoted as stating: “Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury - it is the measure of any modern city.” Let's hope the same will not be said about ensuing health and psychological disorders. The Wi-Fi joyride continues full
steam ahead, final destination unknown.

Feel like escaping all this in nature? Here is what could be coming to our National Parks. http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/alberta/Call+Parks+Canada+rolling+wireless+Internet+access+national/9785080/story.html

Tagging Students

Below is an article exploring the trend of requiring school students wear an RFID tag for tracking their movement around campus. Some of these are active devices, as opposed to passive; meaning they intermittently broadcast a signal, often in the region of 6GHz. Can you imagine the uproar if this had happened in the freedom-loving 1960's? The present level of acquiescence suggests that many young people, and their parents, have been conditioned to blindly accept any new technology. http://www.ukcolumn.org/article/biometrics-and-rfid-tracking-uk-education

Earth-friendly Information Stall

Weather permitting, our local EMR group will offer a display table at the August Byron Bay market, the first of many as this issue moves into the mainstream. Stop by stall D11, have a chat, see a demo, and get the latest news. Our recent participation at the Mullumbimby "Big Picture Show" was highly successful. We spoke with dozens of concerned locals and handed out free DVD's and "Safer Wi-Fi" brochures.

On 7 September, we plan to attend the annual "Living Earth Festival" at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens. No doubt this environmentally aware community will find of interest the numerous scientific studies show plants, animals and insects, including bees, are being affected by EMR. The Earth emits its own biologically supportive, low frequency oscillations, which are now irretrievably buried beneath an ever-increasing burden of man-made electro-pollution. Even in small country towns, this is millions of times greater than the natural field intensities within which all life evolved.

The Biological Effects of Very Low Frequency Atmospherics in Humans. http://www.scientificexploration.org/journal/jse_12_3_schienle.pdf

Solar and Geomagnetic Activity, Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic and Electric Fields and Human Health at the Earth’s Surface. http://www.vitatec.com/docs/referenz-umgebungsstrahlung/palmer-2006.pdf

Schumann Resonances, a Plausible Biophysical Mechanism for the Human Health Effects of Solar/Geomagnetic Activity. http://www.salzburg.gv.at/cherry_schumann_resonances.pdf

New Government Study

As calls for revision of official EMR safety standards are made by a wide cross-section of the public, our Government has announced an extensive review of data pertaining to mobile phone radiation. This one will be headed by Dr. Rodney Croft, who has previously published statements to the effect that there is no significant evidence of harm. He also adheres to "electro-hypersensitivity syndrome" (EHS) as being fundamentally attributable to psychological disorders. Perhaps not surprising considering he is a psychophysiologist by trade. Apart from that, the term EHS erroneously suggests a marginal health disorder. In fact, millions are affected to some degree, with the intensity of response proportional to both dosage and personal susceptibility.


Here is Dr. Croft again, planning to study how microwaves affect sleep. We already know they affect EEG patterns, and are capable of inducing an addictive, trance-like state. http://www.amta.org.au/newsletters/EME.Update.November.2013?Article=41195

Why not send him a polite email expressing your concerns about the current levels of "protection" offered by our Government regulators, being far below both those in other parts of the world and what many leading scientists recommend: http://acrbr.org.au/People/RD/rcroft.aspx


For further information on EMR-related issues, visit our website: http://www.emraware.com

An extensive list of related internet bookmarks can be found here. http://www.emraware.com/emr_links.html

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