Electromagnetic Radiation - Concerns and Informed Choices

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Networking and Support

Residents in our local area joined forces to prevent a phone tower from being erected near a primary school.

EMR Organisations

There are literally thousands of groups worldwide working to educate the public and influence decision-makers regarding EMR safety issues. Collectively, they represent a knowledge base of considerable value to the casual reader and activist alike. Below is a list of those that have come to our attention and, with a few exceptions, are non-commercial. If you know of any not included in the list below, please let us know so they may be added.

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EMR Aware - Personal Support

Technical and legal aspects of EMR are complex, rapidly evolving and not always well documented. This allows industry to exploit loopholes and popular misconceptions. To help remedy this situation, our organisation retains an electronics engineer on staff to provide informal advice on emerging technologies, published scientific data and exposure minimisation practices. Readers who have diligently done their own research and find that certain matters remain unclear, are welcome to direct specific questions to: contact@emraware.com


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