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About Us

This website is published by EMR Aware, a community action group based in Byron Shire on the Northcoast of NSW Australia. We offer free technical support to residents and public authorities in our region, and worldwide, regarding the health, social and environmental impacts of technologies that emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

We are not anti-technology, anti-corporation or anti-government. Our premise is simply this. In instances where products or services carry a documented risk, consumers have a right to unbiased information so as to enable a factual assessment of the benefits vs. negative side-effects. This enables both a change in habits, as well as motivation to demand safer products and/or legislation where appropriate. To facilitate a fair and balanced discussion, we invite content, including corrections and updates, from all interested parties.

Domestic sources of electromagnetic fields have evolved from 50/60Hz mains appliances to GHz microwave wireless devices.

In addition to our periodic newsletters, which include reportage of local and international developments, the menu to the right contains a number of supplemental resources. These include extensive lists of scientific research and citizens' organisations, methods to reduce EMR exposure, an introduction to EMR monitoring, possible opposition strategies, and our free DVD containing thousands of documents on adverse effects.

In total, this content provides a comprehensive overview of the evolving state of play between peer-reviewed science, industry protectionism, public concern, and EMR safety standards as enacted by "official" regulatory agencies. Please note that, due to the passage of time, some entries involving specific events, policies, petitions, etc. may no longer be relevant or valid. Always verify with another source.

If any of the external webpages linked in this website have been taken down, alternative postings may be found by cutting and pasting the actual title of the article into your search bar.

Please read our full Disclaimer before proceeding, and thank you for visiting.

Mullum Wi-Fi

By clicking on the entry "Mullum Wi-Fi Archive" in the menu you can view the entire content from our original website. During its lifetime, it expanded from local issues surrounding a proposed townwide Wi-Fi network to encompass the growing range of EMR-related concerns expressed by our community.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

If you are new to this subject, here is an entertaining and easily understood video presentation on the EMR spectrum compliments of NASA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfXzwh3KadE

All energetic influences in our environment occur within a continuous range of vibrations that originate on an atomic level and express themselves outwardly as electromagnetic radiation. The human body has evolved to be a finely tuned receiver of these energies. To expect that we would not be affected by even relatively low levels of man-made EMR is symptomatic of the kind of short-sightedness that puts profits ahead of precaution, and leaves a price to pay for it later on.

Contact your elected representatives, send them link to our website, and demand measures such as those below be implemented before we see the full-scale epidemic of health disorders some experts predict.

  • Guidelines and regulatory standards be strengthened, with particular reference to children, pregnant women, and persons affected by electrosensitivity (EHS).
  • Manufacturers be encouraged to develop safer technology based upon optical systems or less invasive Terahertz (THz) frequencies.
  • Governments fund independent, biology-based health research on EMR, and mandate industry cooperation in implementing policy that incorporates all evidence and the precautionary prinicple.
  • Utilities responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity ensure it is free of frequency pollution (dirty electricity), and that contractors install wiring and fixed appliances so as to minimize ambient field intensities.
  • A programme of public education be instituted on electromagnetic radiation health risks and exposure reduction strategies.
  • Medical personnel be informed regarding the documented biological effects of EMR so as to provide relevant treatment for patients with electrosensitivity.
  • Media outlets disclose any financial associations between industry and quoted "experts" on EMR, and present fair and balanced material.
  • Residents to have more say in the siting of facilities which emit EMR, in particular phone, radio and NBN towers.
  • White-zones (radiation-free areas) be established for persons who choose to avoid EMR for health or lifestyle reasons.